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School of Poetic Computation's Code Societies, Winter 2020 session

Content Writer, Researcher

I wrote a series of blogs for the Code Societies Winter 2020 session detailing classes taught by Melanie Hoff, Neta Bomani, Allison Parrish, Ruha Benjamin and Harlo Holmes.

Here’s an excerpt from the Code Societies Orientation blog post:

“Looking in at the School of Poetic Computation, how it works and who is part of it, we learned that SFPC is some kind of its own magic. That is, power dynamics at SFPC are just that, dynamic. They’re created and maintained by the people who share the space and not an obscure, governing body. Our roles/identities: student, teacher or participant, resident, can change because we are all bringing something to the table. We are all learning, creating and teaching, together. SFPC is an open conversation. This is completely opposite to the rigid, one can say coercive, educational system in the US. It is one that pipelines our life and takes hold of our future by dictating where some people will learn and how much they will learn. It does not leave room for interpersonal experiences because it is meant to control masses of people. In this way, we are tasked to consider the following:

  • What is it like to embody a governing perspective when you’re within it?
  • What is it like to create a governing perspective for someone you love?
  • How can governing perspectives harm and how can they care?“

I also wrote copy and published social media posts on Twitter and Instagram for the program.

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