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Project Inkblot

UX Writer, Content Strategist


Website contained out of date language and service offerings. Potential clients and site visitors were bombarded with content, and had difficulty deciphering what the company does. 


Audit existing website content to then edit and write new copy aligned with the organization’s latest product launch and services. Finally, simplify a visitor’s experience through clear, consistent messaging.


  • Worked with founders to hone in and defined the brand’s content voice and style
  • Edited previous copy to reflect fresher tone
  • Improved user flow by streamlining information architecture

Landing Page, Navigation Bar & Footer

The original landing page contained a crowded navigation bar with 7 options followed by an unclear headline. By simplifying the menu items into straightforward CTA’s and rewriting the headline to be more mission aligned, visitors can get a better idea of what the agency is about.



I proposed moving 2 of the original menu items to the footer so that visitors can continue to learn about Project Inkblot related subject matter.

Homepage Copy 

I tackled the challenge of explaining what Project Inkblot is as a company and what it provides. The previous copy had “inkblot jargon” unknown to site visitors, thus creating a potential space to confuse and make them uninterested. To better guide potential clients, I rewrote the homepage copy to specify what Project Inkblot does, how and why.

Work With Us (Single Page) Copy

Part of Project Inkblot’s ethos is that working towards and achieving racial equity will take time and does not involve quick fixes or bandaids. They are often heavily sought after when major social events and racial upheaval occurs.

To mitigate performative activism, Project Inkblot wanted to communicate their stance without alienating potential clients. The original text however came off standoff-ish, emphasized with the use of the red stop sign emoji at the very beginning. I suggested revising this so that interested parties understood the goals of the design education the company provides in a friendlier tone.