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Mother Centered Design

Designer, Writer, Art Director

What if we trusted Black mothers to create the world we desperately need? What if we gave them the tools and resources they and their children deserve so that their lives are about innovation instead of survival? What if we sought the expertise of those most vulnerable, with the most to lose, to design a shared reality that benefits everyone? 

For my Master’s thesis project, I set out to rethink how design processes and design thinking can give Black mothers the opportunity to assess the conditions in which they are required to mother, and as a result assert the boundaries and possibilities that they instead envision for themselves and their children. I designed a series of workshops and invited Black motherartists to tell me their motherhood story. The aim here was not to solve for the challenges Black mothers face but instead harness our collective wisdom and desire to see a better version of our lived realities into an evolving set of design principles.  Once defined, I wrote a design manifesto to pair the design principles with.

You can access Mother Centered Design principles and manifesto here.